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04. Women's clothing boutique with stylists RUWO, Russia, 2023

RUWO's interior design concept is based on laconic colours and modern interior elements, which are in harmony with the with the Soviet past. It is very important not just to create Soviet interior or a rough loft, but to find the middle ground where

where modern women and girls feel comfortable. That's why we suggest creating a lightness in the interior by using light colours (white walls) and warm shades of wood, which we can find all over the boutique. Warm shades of wood, which we can find in the whole boutique design. To add character to our space, we create loft-style elements, like iron racks, clothes hangers. Clothes racks, a concrete wall and plenty of rustic lighting. In this way, our interior is not just bright and comfortable, but also with a certain character.

And of course, the highlight of the RUWU interior is is the memory of the Soviet past. In every corner of our of our space we can see hints of Soviet design. But this is a reminder of the Soviet Union, not a museum of exhibition pieces. exhibits. An old television, a beloved Soviet rug that can be found in every Soviet apartment. you find in every Soviet flat, old photographs, a rye in in the shop window, which reminds us of the vast fields... all these elements dear and familiar to everyone.

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