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Rock pool project

This project was developed for a family who decided to live in the south of France, on the island of Sainte-Marguerite. The complex is therefore presented as a two-storey building. Upstairs we find a small lounge area, a kitchen, a dressing room, a bathroom but also a large outdoor recreation area next to the pool, where people can relax, soak up the sun, swim in the Jacuzzi and of course in the pool itself. This one is suspended above the sea and has a transparent part in its ground, which allows us to see the second lower basin, as well as a large aquarium located between the two swimming pools.

On the lower level there is a small spa complex which includes a sauna, a meditation area, a relaxation area as well as a second swimming pool which overlooks the sea. Important particularity given that due to the steep cliff, the family no. had no direct access to the sea. She can now swim there directly from their pool. It is important to clarify that both pools are filled with salt water. The seawater enters the lower pool, it then passes into a pump and filtration system and is propelled alongside the aquarium into the upper pool. The excess water then falls in a cascade directly into the sea.

Music studio


This project was created in a team with Marie Derbesse et Faustine Delsol

It is very rare to be able to observe a meteorite fall. Of the Likewise, it is exceptional for a musician to succeed in mark people see even history by his music and his genius.
We therefore decided to create a unique music studio, allowing musicians to be able to play and record their pieces while having the possibility of discovering the visual score of the latter thanks to cymatics. Recorded via a camera, they will be available to the general public via a web platform specially designed for this experience.

Melodic ripple

The whip is used by the rider in horse riding to stimulate or correct his horse. It is the continuation of the arm and depending on the movement and intensity given, the animal does not react in the same way. In spite of its importance in directing the horse, the movement of the whip is not always easy to discern and is not one of the elements that we observe in priority. The aim of our showcase is to highlight the whip by breaking down its movement, to make it last longer and to give us the opportunity to observe it from all angles. This is why the scenography features several whips, placed one after the other, in different positions and at different heights. In addition, the whips are set in motion, following the path of the visitors around the case, as if they themselves were riders controlling the movement of this skeletal metal horse.


Suitcase for traveling with dogs from Louis Vuitton